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Graphic Design & Print Design

This is the foundation of my work. It’s where it all began! Along with branding, graphic design is where Looksee Design started almost 17 years ago. With your core values and branding in mind, I ensure that all projects I undertake are creative, enduring and precise. To me, it’s not just about a beautiful visual design, each project must communicate with the target audience with clarity and precision.

Although we are in world that is very much online now and information is easy, faster and cheaper to access on websites, people still love the idea of holding a brochure or magazine in their hands. They love to be able to keep information in their handbag or pocket when travelling, having something visual on display at home or to have something to keep forever.

Print design is there to stimulate the senses and therefore offers possibilities that the digital world cannot; for instance, you can feel the textures of the material used and the smell of fresh ink.

Printed pieces can make an emotional connection and can provoke a deeper level of consumer loyalty and confidence. Printed pieces can say ‘we cared enough to create this for you.’ It helps to develop a bond that is just not possible with digital advertising.

Like branding, printed collateral should be an important inclusion in your marketing strategy and be considered one of your most valuable methods of communication. From business stationery, brochures and annual reports right through to catalogues, product packaging and labelling it all helps portray your brand's core messages.

With a strong printing background, I know what works and what doesn’t. I have built up relationships with printers who can handle all your printing needs.

I just love the smell of fresh ink!


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