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Product Packaging Design

They say don’t judge a book (or wine!) by its cover… but I have to admit I do - and plenty of other people do too. As we move through life we are bombarded by images everywhere – and the good ones scream at us ‘pick me, pick me’.

Many purchasing decisions are made at the shelf, and these decisions are heavily influenced by ‘brand’. If your brand, and associated marketing communications, has created a place in the consumers memory, your product will have more chance of being selected. If the consumer doesn’t have a preferred brand in that category, their selection will often be influenced by the packaging.

The packaging’s role is to sell what’s inside – but it must also uphold the values and messages of your brand. Your packaging needs to talk to the consumer providing them with a reason to pick your product.

Looksee Design will work with you to create packaging that conveys your messages and makes an emotional connection with your consumer. You may want to demonstrate your commitment to the environment as a company, which will dictate the materials used. You may want to attract a younger market, affecting the colours and images we create. You may want the world to know how great your product tastes and smells, influencing the content and materials used. Whatever your message, we will work with you to help you deliver it through your packaging.

We can offer a packaging solution as a standalone project or as part of a brand package.

Whether it’s a wine label, food or product packaging or promotional piece, I look forward to working with you.

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